Saturday, October 4, 2008

a sort of moment

so i guess i just had one. listening to an old frat house recording of dave matthews playing #40. i wondered if i'd ever been present for such a moment. not with a mic handy, tape running, but at least a beer handy, memory running.

i asked the question of the room, directed indirectly at em and gem, em mashing tuna for a bagel tuna melt, gem waiting patiently for mistakes to hit the floor. i had a moment there, realizing my own thoughts about the universe, about art's slow estimation of where we ought to be.

i'm a singular being with moments that have importance to me. we spent a good part of the night tonight planning wedding things, conjecturing of the reliability of relatives, the travelbility of friends in far off states.

the tuna mashing and the patience is my love, and my love is subtly sending out its genius to my quiet listenhood. i'm here for this. i've got no tape running, but i'm here, and it's as good as it gets.

you think itzhak perlman would play our wedding?


MBQ said...

That was quite a lovely sentiment, my friend.

On a side note, the word verification to post this is "ewzwe," which makes me think of a chimney sweep with a cockney accent saying, "who's we?" But you know, like, "ewz we?"

Dan Hayes said...

moments are good, especially when you recognize you're having one.

brianshephard said...

If you can't get Perlman, I will play the theme from Schindler's List on my kazoo.