Monday, October 13, 2008

on 'part of why i'm so bitter'

i've often thought i'm becoming more moderate in recent years, but the fact is, i'm just identifying with no one at all who has picked a party anymore. it doesn't even have to do with issues most of the time. i used to spend time listening to conservative talkshow hosts speak reason about fiscal policy, and watch the liberal media fall over itself trying to get some 'jfk2' elected - none of which have ever approximated jfk's ability to fuck sex symbols in the Lincoln bedroom. i still have some of that vantage point, but it no longer amuses me. and the added exhaustion of really tiring whining from some of the same talkshow hosts, and a completely assbackwards social agenda, and i have lost all real interest and respect.

of the few friends i have who care/get involved in politics, i see 9.8/10 (congrats hayes, you're two-tenths of a person) of them controlled by their own 'ideas,' and they get pitifully invested in things that aren't worth quite so much effort or care. there are issues that demand passion and dedication until the goal is met (way to go connecticut), but these leaders and potential leaders aren't worth fighting for. all the democrats' progressive rhetoric aside, neither of the two parties we get to choose between affirms that sexual preference is something to be egalitarian about, and the republicans have tasted the power of the mob who votes for creationism - don't expect a return to a separation of church and state anytime soon. i too, am looking forward to maher's movie. and i used to be someone who defended at least the idea of religion from the dangers of a godless secularism (see Revolution, Russian).

but god is dead, and Nietzsche didn't kill him, the born-agains did. so i'm living with that new reality.


Dan Hayes said...

libertarianism is the most consistent ideology and easiest to explain. freedom is good, government is bad. in terms of voting, i'm still figuring mine out. i think i'm going to vote for bob barr. i don't think one vote ever actually made a difference in any election, so vote for the person you actually think would be the best president even if you write them in. bob barr certainly has some weird stuff in his past but he's saying all kinds of good stuff now. it's worth checkin' him out.

freethought said...

It sounds as though you are closer to a libertarian than either party in our narrow-minded government. I encourage you to support the libertarians or if you disagree with a lot of their tenets to outline your own and begin your own party because I believe that politics are very important. It is easy for Americans to forget how important politics are because the government and most of the media try to limit us to the status quo of two choices. Also, while most American's lives have become more worrisome and difficult in the last few years, we still continue to take for granted many freedoms and riches that most of the world has never enjoyed. In many African and Asian countries politics have much greater conseguences on everyone's lives. I agree that Democrats ought to be more egalitarian about lgbt rights but keep in mind that George Bush was elected largely because he and especially the Republican party motivated much of the religious right to come out and vote in the last two presidential elections by putting gay marriage ban initiatives on ballots. Most the democrats i've met believe in equal rights for gay people and most the republicans do not, however i do live in Wisconsin. If the democrats were to push that issue this election it would surely motivate the ignorantly fearful religious right that cant hold a conversation with anyone gay for more than an hour without bringing up the subject of the other persons "gayness." (Hyperbole is the best thing ever!) But you get my point.
PS If you haven't seen Religulous, I recommend it.