Thursday, January 29, 2009

realize how thirsty you are

had the lower leaves covered,
the apples brought in

rain freezes on its way to the tops of our hatted hair
crept up cold inside the warmth of september breezes curling up the hill,
raising the dusty earth to our knees and the smells of plants
drift and settle, as if crumbled and held just before our noses as we slept.

i woke up with home in my nostrils,
distant and here now,
resting between us in bed, under the dog

hiding from the weather
like a quick nap at a family party
in the rooms that keep out little kids' intrigue
i'd put a 'no toys' sign on the door if reading informed wandering

crisp from cold storms
it's hard to save them for the kettle
and spiced jars full of later spoonfulls

biting in to feel the juice slide down
and remind me of my own hunger,
the watery meat of chilled fruit

never spent a whole day lying on the ground
after a great fall, letting go with my stem
i've stood up to come inside for a tall glass of well water.

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