Tuesday, September 30, 2008

shouting into an empty cave

i had radio show with andy billing in college called "nobody's listening." it was a weekend night show, and the signal from the station didn't even reach some dorms on campus. we usually drank whiskey in opaque containers and played lots of tom waits and les claypool. we had a giveaway once, it was for 2 tylenol to the first caller with a headache, and when no one called, i think we gave them to a guy who happened to wander past the window that looked out onto the commons.

with access to the studio when no one else bothered to stop by, we should have just disabled the webcam and permanently borrowed the condenser mics to record our own music. hindsight is 20/20 i suppose.

anyhow, i think the new unofficial name of this blog is "nobody's reading." yeah, i know, oh woe is me. first person to comment anything of substance gets one of the many mix cd's rolling around the floor of my car.


MBQ said...

You're going to have to learn a few things: Everyone has a blog, and basically no one is reading any of them, until they are. Shamelessly promote yourself, whether by emails or Facebook/Gchat status, and eventually you'll get people at least thinking about your blog.

I don't know if this counts as anything of status, but hey, I'm reading. Oh by the way, read my blog! gingervision.com

Joshua (who smote them) said...

mbq - a couple of things make it count. first, it's there. and it wasn't there until it was. second, you suggested being shameless. third, i have about 47 dozen unlabeled mixes rolling around the floor of my care, and there's only about 20 tracks total represented. i can spare a few for those who make me feel special, like a wonderful bowl of flowers, on a fresh autumn morning, in a cool blue mist, among a group of prancing fawns, next to a burning trashcan in post-apocalyptic downtown cleveland special. i suppose i need an address, so if you e-mail, i will mail.

Dan Hayes said...

i don't want mix cd's rolling around in your car. i want a mix cd from you and one from em in my mailbox. unscratched.

Neetee said...

Good post.